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Parkinson disease,

our users testify

Our experts regularly monitor the progress of our users

in order to guarantee the benefits of WALK in the long term.

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Our testimonies are in French, don't forget to enable english subtitles

Sylvie vignette.png

"A Rebirth"

Sylvie details the negative impact of freezing on her daily life. She tells us about her discovery of the WALK and the gradual resumption of her activity and hobbies.



Jean marche mieux avec le WALK

"I feel more comfortable in my body"

Jean testifies about his discovery and the WALK's contribution in his daily life.

Jean B..jpg

John B.

Henri affirme que le dispositif l'aide à conserver son activité quotidienne.

"The device helps me maintain my physical activity"

This former doctor has been fighting Parkinson's disease for 5 years. He is slowed down in his actions but thanks to the WALK he maintains a regular physical activity.

henri C.jpg

Henry C.

Le WALK, c'est un miracale affirme Myriam

"It's a miracle."

Myriam was suffering from Parkinson's disease for 12 years, she was experiencing walking disorders that reduced her autonomy. She describes today the benefits of the WALK.

Myriam T.jpg

Miriam T.

Le témoignage de René

"It's a savior!"

René was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. His walking difficulties made it impossible for him to carry out outdoor activities. He describes his evolution with the WALK.



Le témoignage de Xavier sur le WALK

"I walk without apprehension, without difficulties"

Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, Xavier now tells us how the WALK system has allowed him to recover his autonomy in his daily life.


Xavier P.

Le WALK, une innovation essentielle

"A great innovation"

Jocelyne is regaining hope with the WALK. "It's great, it's phenomenal. I don't think there are any superlatives."


Jocelyne D.

J'essaye de bouger avec le WALK

"I try to move as much as possible"

Discover Roseline's testimony and her fight against Parkinson's disease. She explains how she is able to cope with this pathology and how the WALK system has helped her in her daily life.

Roselyne M.jpg

Roselyn M.


"It's wonderful."

Michel had a hesitant gait and lacked safety when he went out (fear of falling). Through this testimony, he explains what the WALK has done for him on a daily basis.

Michel PJ.png

Michael PJ

Jean-Claude raconte témoigne

"An amazing device"

Thanks to the WALK, Jean-Claude is delighted to get back to his favourite activities. "I walk normally! Like I did before!"

jeanclaude l.jpg

Jean-Claude L.

J'ai amélioré ma marche avec le WALK

"A deliverance"

Lily, deeply moved, looks to the future with serenity. "WALK is the future. The future for perhaps, I hope, thousands of people who are suffering from Parkinson's disease." 

lily r.jpg

Lily R.

Un kinésithérapeute parle du WALK

"It's sensational."

Mr. Bonneric, a physiotherapist for over 20 years, has decided to monitor the trial period of his patient Mr. Bouloux, who is experiencing walking disorders.


Mr. Bonneric

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