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Let's discover the WALK, the device that helps Parkinson's patients to remain independent

Updated: Apr 26

WALK, l'appareil qui aide les malades de Parkinson à rester autonomes

The WALK medical device was developed by the company Resilient Innovation. Today, more than 300 patients use it on a daily basis and a hundred or so healthcare professionals have participated in its design.

"The WALK is a device that returns motor independence to people with neurological injuries."

The WALK implements a neurological rehabilitation technique known to reduce walking disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease : rythmic auditary stimulation.

"This process was discovered some 30 years ago and has been tested by several laboratories around the world.

The WALK device is the result of a combination of technology and science, with the goal of making innovation accessible to all.

"The WALK is equipped with software capable of analyzing the user's movements, the device automatically sends auditory stimulation if necessary. [...] The system helps people in their daily lives without them having to trigger it."

The WALK helps to limit the phenomenon of freezing, reduce the number of falls and improve overall quality of life.

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