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La Tribune - WALK, the best way to walk

Updated: Apr 26

Discover the new article of La Tribune on Resilient Innovation and the WALK device.

Objectif résilience et maladie de Parkinson

Jordan Miron explains in this article why he chose the name of his company "Resilient Innovation" and how he integrated the concept of resilience into his management.

"This is the notion that guides us! But it's not the only one. The other is simplicity. And that's an art! [...] Walking problems are related to rhythmicity. We use rhythm to compensate for this deficit".

The device is based on a rehabilitation technique that has been recognized for several decades: rhythmic auditory stimulation. Published studies show that this method is effective in reducing Parkinson's disease-related walking problems and improves patients' speed and stride length.

"The device is used by several hundred people, as well as being referenced in some hospitals and EHPADs."

The full article from La Tribune is available here :

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