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Employment, disability and prevention - Connected help: Regaining mobility with Parkinson

Updated: Apr 26

Today in the "Innovation in brief" section, you will find the article produced following the interview with Jordan Miron about the WALK DTx, the first intelligent and connected walking aid for people with Parkinson's disease.

Le WALK traitement personnalisé pour les patients parkinsoniens

The WALK DTx uses auditory rhythmic stimulation (ARS), a neurological rehabilitation technique that allows people with Parkinson's to reduce their walking difficulties, including reducing their risk of blocking and falling.

"This is an important advance for the management of Parkinson's disease: a few weeks ago the Walk DTx connected medical device, developed by the company Resilient Innovation, was released.

This tool allows the user to walk in a fluid and rhythmic way by synchronizing his steps with an auditory stimulation.

An application that records the user's data then provides an overview of his or her progress.

The patient can decide to send these statistics to his or her care team.

"This is a valuable tool for neurologists and rehabilitators. It's the first time they've had numbers that are precise enough to properly adjust treatment or rehabilitation," explains Jordan Miron, president and founder of Resilient Innovation. This data will also be used to study and better understand the disease and associated risks.""

To discover and test the WALK DTx for 30 days click below👇

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