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Device Med : The interest of a DM manufacturer in promoting participatory financing

Updated: Apr 26

Device Med is recognized as the reference in medical device magazines. This magazine deals with different aspects of the Medical Device world: regulation, manufacturing, safety, financing...

Le financement d'un dispositif médical innovant : le WALK

Jordan Miron had the opportunity to present the WALK device and to explain why he chose participatory financing to support the development of Resilient Innovation.

The purpose of crowdfunding is to open up the capital to private individuals wishing to support and join the WALK by Resilient adventure. In addition to the potential capital gains, it is important to note that individuals investing in Resilient Innovation benefit from a tax reduction of 18 to 25% of the amount invested.

If you wish to join the adventure, please visit our investment campaign.

If you would like to read the Resilient article, go to page 34 of the January/February 2019 Device Med magazine.

If you would like to learn more about the WALK 👇

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