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An innovative solution based on reliable and robust technology

"An easy-to-use, ergonomic device that is particularly suitable for patients, designed with them, their families and experts in health, design and electronics."

Jordan Miron 

Founder of Resilient Innovation


Bone conduction

The patient can enjoy the rhythmic stimulation while remaining attentive to the surrounding sounds.

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Optimized ergonomics

A device created with patients to ensure easy daily use.

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Automatic triggering

Our expertise in motion analysis allows us to trigger the stimulation at the best time.


Customizable stimulation

The patient can adjust the device according to his/her motor skills and personal preferences.

The WALK acts in synergy with current care. It reduces the impact of motor fluctuations on patients' quality of life. 


The WALK allows the patient's activity to be maintained and guarantees continuity in the offered rehabilitation, which is complementary to existing treatments. 


A solution adapted

to the needs of

Parkinson's patients


A unique medical


The WALK is the first medical device in the world to offer automatic rhythmic auditory stimulation, suitable for home use. 

The ergonomic studies carried out and our expertise in motion analysis enable us to offer an optimized and efficient device. 

Our device fulfils quality and safety requirements, governed by European standards.

The WALK device was developed with health professionals specializing in neurological disorders and abnormal movements. 

The use of the WALK supports the patient's daily physical activity and slows down the progression of the disease.


A team of experts working hand in hand with recognized health professionals

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